”Could you possibly write something in english every now and then?”, asked my father a while ago. He is swedish himself and understands my writing perfectly, but he and a few other finnish men went to Russia a month ago on an missionary trip and got some new friends.

This english text is for my fathers friends in Russia. Welcome to my blog and to our life as a missionairy family in Kenya!

Right now we’re on a retreat that our missionorganisation (SLEAF) organize for their missionaries in Kenya. We stay at an beautiful conference centre close to Nairobi, and enjoy to get to listen to bible studies in our own language and share experiences with each other. An important part of our retreat has been to tell each other about life situation and challenges, and bring those things to Jesus in prayer. What a great thing! We can be weak and tired, and come to Jesus and let him take care of us.

In a few days we’ll return to an missionstation in Atemo, which is in western Kenya where we study swahili (one of Kenya’s two official languages). We’re about halfway in our studies, and in a little more than a month we’ll be leaving Atemo for our real ”home” here in Kenya – Maralal, in the Samburu area in northern Kenya. There is our home, and that is where we’ll work. My job is to teach missionary children and my husband Ove is going to work practically within the Bible translation project. We’re excited and thankful to be here!


From left: Vincent (2 years), Eva, Alfons (7 years), Ove and Oliver (5 years).


Om kvintettfamilj

Gift trebarnsmor. Målmedveten, kristen projektmänniska. Bor i Kenya, jobbar som missionär och har numera lärt mig konversera på swahili. Tycker väldigt mycket om mänskomöten, mat, träning och konst. Är inte speciellt morgonpigg. Vill väldigt gärna vara en tillräckligt bra mamma och fru. Älskar de mina. Mycket.
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